AXE Signature Body Perfume, 122ml


  • blend of style & aroma. This perfume reveals the hidden charm of the contemporary man.
  • Woody & musky notes. The woody & musky notes of this perfume leave a trail of classic aroma behind.
  • Long lasting body perfume. Stay fresh all day with this long-lasting fragrance that gives you protection 3X more perfume*
  • Set your pulse racing with this perfume from the Signature Range of Axe that is a perfect & divine against body odor.
  • Sophisticated & sensual fragrance. Be the ultimate symbol of sensuality & sophistication as Axe Signature Mysterious Eau de Parfum is the scent of masculinity.
  • Contains watermelon, green apple, & pineapple infused with crisp watery accord. A fruity blend of watermelon, green apple, pineapple, & crisp watery accord is the essence of this perfume & reveals your playful nature.
  • Fragrances crafted by legendary perfumers behind global bestsellers.
  • Keeps body odour away
  • Long lasting fragrance
  • Sophisticated aqua fragrance

Description for AXE Signature Body Perfume, 122ml

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Bring it on, enhance your moves with Axe Signature Mysterious Body Perfume. Made for the urban man who likes to show off his exciting persona with a classic fragrance that is uniquely his own. Check out this perfume that combines the essence of a man with a hint of zesty citrus and a mild note of woody musk to give you a perfume that is heady yet enticing. It has 3 times the power of perfume in a single drop* which keeps you smelling amazing all day long. Mystify everyone wherever you go, get your bottle of Axe Signature Mysterious Body Perfume now! The Axe Signature range of body perfumes is inspired by the finest fragrances the world has to offer. These fragrances are stronger, last longer and chisels out your persona whenever you need to take the centre stage. It is the perfect accomplice for all your endeavours. So be it at a party, a business meeting or a date, while others will be merely good, you will strike an impression that won’t fade away. Making an impression is easier with the Axe Signature range. The key is to know how to wear it. To amplify the effect of Axe Signature, apply it on your pulse points. The heat generated by your pulse intensifies the fragrance and assures your impression won’t fade away.

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