2 in 1 New Baby Child Infant Car Safety Seat Auto Multifunction Baby Carrier



  • >1. For children 1-4 years old
  • >2. Five-point safe belt harness system
  • >3. High density and thick foam
  • >4. Soft, breathable, environmental-friendly protective fabric provides comfortable touch for both parent and kid.
  • >Available Colors: red and light blue will be shipped as per availability


  • >Take two belts of back of cushion down through the between headrest and backrest of seat.
  • >Take two bottom belts of the back of cushion up through the between backrest and pad of car seat.
  • >Lock the buckle of the belt , and tight it.


  • >Put your baby on cushion, hike protection abdomen pad, lock the shoulder buckle and abdomen buckle.
  • >Pull out the three point safety belt of car seat, take the buckle through protection abdomen pad isolated layer, then insert it into the car seat safety belts.